SVDC logoShaded Voice Dance Company was originally formed in September 2008 by dynamic Middlesex graduates Liz How, Louise Kelsey and Jenni Lau. Under the current direction of Artistic Director Louise Kelsey, the company create and perform distinctive and engaging contemporary dance work. Drawing strongly from not only the techniques of modern dance pioneers, but also the simplicity of everyday gesture, the company utilise their highly skilled and articulate bodies to explore challenging realms of movement and stillness, questioning the notion of creativity and potential limitations within the discipline.

The company undergo a rich rehearsal process through which the dancers sensitively unravel their perception of ‘self’ to inform the continually developing unique and extensive vocabulary and form that have become the company’s focus of identity. Although the company are unrestricted in their presentational contexts, they maintain a strong connection to the theatre, recognising it as an appropriate communicative platform for their physical expression.

Shaded Voice Dance Company are currently part of the Associate Artists Scheme at Middlesex University.