Artistic Director

Louise Kelsey

Louise Kelsey has been a choreographer for Shaded Voice Dance Company since 2009 and Artistic Director since 2011.

Louise KelseyIn addition to her work for the company she is Programme Leader for Dance Performance at Middlesex University teaching Choreography, Performance and Humphrey Technique on the under-graduate dance programmes.

From Middlesex University she holds a BA in Dance Performance with first class honours and a MA in Choreography. Louise trained under the direction of Lesley Main and Kate Rogan to become a Humphrey-based technique teacher, and furthered her training with Gail Corbin and Deborah Carr at the Academy of Movement and Music in Chicago, USA in 2011.

Louise worked under the direction of Lesley Main in a  re-staging Two Ecstatic Themes by Doris Humphrey, which was presented at Transmission: A Performance Symposium in December 2014. The pair will be taking the solo to Chicago for conference in Autumn 2016.

In addition, Louise has experience working creatively with numerous schools, institutions and companies (including Streetz Ahead Ltd., The Place, ENB and Artsdepot), the diversity of her practice informing her constant choreographic research and explorations. She has also been a guest choreographer for Delve Dance Company and worked collaboratively with Kansaze Dance. This academic year she looks forward to creating a new work for the BA3 final year performance students at Middlesex University, to be performed at artsdepot in May 2016.


Choreographic Credits

knot in my throat (2015), Ordered Snapshot (2014), A Defence of Poetry (2014), No Order on Holden Clough Drive (2013), Curves Enclosed (2012) performed at Chisenhale Dance Space, Dido and Aeneas (2012) for Diamond Jubilee performed with BBC singers and Dame Emma Kirkby, Beautiful Abandonment (2012), Changes to Context? (2011), Gazing at Fractured Parallels (2011) for Delve Dance Company, performed at Chisehale Dance Space and MBIAJ Auditorium, Oxford, Metaphoring Ourselves (2011), Be Still… Now (2011), The Iron Cage (2010), Secrets Hide in the Heart and Soul (2009), both performed at Bakewell Arts Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Distant Memories (2007) performed in Blueprint as part of Dance Currents at Stratford Circus

Performance Credits

Two Ecstatic Themes, by Doris Humphrey, directed by Lesley Main (2014), Haec Mulier (2010) by Jenni Lau (SVDC), Bakewell Arts Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, With My Red Fires (1936) by Doris Humphrey, directed by Lesley Main, Artsdepot Theatre (2010), A Triple Bill (2009) by SVDC, Water Study (1928) by Doris Humphrey, directed by Lesley Main, Artsdepot Theatre and Guildford University, Surrey